Wedding Wednesday: Save the Date

When it came to inviting our guests for our wedding I never really took that much consideration to how I should go about it.
The invitations and reply cards were the two that I focused on the most, but then I kept reading about save the date cards.

At first I ignored them, thinking they were just going to cost more money or more time for us to spend creating them. I hadn’t heard anyone near me mention them and if they were that important, surely people would have told me about them.
So, with me being me I decided to dig around a little and figure out what save the date cards were all about.
Obviously they are to let your guests know the date when you would be married but why should I bother sending them when I am already sending invitations?

After a few searches I found the answer to my curiosity – giving your guest enough time to plan ahead.
Normally invitations are sent roughly 3-6 months prior to the date, but sometimes that isn’t enough time, either through location and travel or through work.
Save the date cards can be sent in a year in advance to your guests giving them more than enough time to plan ahead.

As we live in Scotland and the in-laws are south of England and most have busy schedules, sending these cards is something I have come to realise is the best thing for us to do.

Save the date cards can be as detailed as you would like (images I found through google for an example), if you are having the wedding abroad or in a different location to where you live, it might be best if you include the location so they can plan on where they will be staying.


Review: Curio & Crochet

Back in September I heard that one of the people I follow on tumblr, foresthoney, had opened her shop, selling handmade crochet items and hand blended herbal teas. Straight away I noticed a hat she had made, that seemed to be screaming at me but I was in two minds whether I should get it or not as the colour was not in my “safe zone” (black/green/dark purple or green/brown), so I left it for a while.

For the rest of the week I decided to annoy myself by keep checking up on the item seeing if it had sold or not. The owner at this time had announced a discount offer (…until the end of October, I’m going to give 10% off to my tumblr followers using coupon code “Tumblr10” [x]) which gave me another reason to purchase this item.

With items that I have ordered they tend to take 2-3 weeks to get here especially when they are coming from America, so on Saturday (11th) I was really surprised to see the item was at my door.
The item was wrapped in a thin layer of organza fabric and attached to that was a small bag of lavender which made everything smell absolutely lovely (lavender is also one of my favourite herbs, so she get extra thumbs up for this).

DSCF1002 DSCF1005

DSCF1050The hat itself is lovely and soft and normally I have some problem with certain materials as they cling to my fingernails and make me cringe with the feeling I get, but the yarn that is used for this hat doesn’t irritate me at all. When I’m wearing it, the hat doesn’t feel too thick on my head either and seems to fit nicely as well. As for the colour, I’m really enjoying having something that is bold and not in my usual safe zone, something that stands out but not so much that it is making me self conscious.

The owner listed this item at a lower price due to an error that was made towards the brim, in all honestly I couldn’t even tell where the error was and when I’m wearing it I can’t notice anything either. The owner has made a fantastic job of this item and I am so pleased to own it.

Where to find Curio & Crochet

Wedding Wednesday: Location

When it comes to wedding planning I am not only planning for our big day but also making sure everyone else is going to be ok on the day. Some have said that I shouldn’t worry as much about everyone else and only focus on us both, but those who know me well will know that it won’t be that simple. I am always wanting to make sure everyone is happy and that I’m not putting them out too much.
So when it comes to choosing a location that is right for us and making sure the distance isn’t too much, I found that it can be pretty tough to come up with a choice that is good for both parties.

Some have also suggested that, since they saw it was getting to me, we have two weddings – one in the south of England and one in the north. But this wouldn’t feel right for partner and I. We want our families there on the same day to see two people become one and also two families becoming one, to witness two of their children standing there, taking a vow and promising they will protect, love and care for each other no matter what the cause.
Not only would it not feel right it would also mean double the planning/budget/ect – if I do become bridezilla I know partner will not want that a second time…

I’ve had many debates about this subject with partner and myself trying to figure out what we should do for the best, knowing that either way some won’t be happy with the choice no matter what we choose.
My mind has finally agreed with partner and friends that its best choosing a location suited for us both and trying to ignore that small part of me that is feeling guilty.

As we live in Scotland and we both love it for the friends that we have made along with the many beautiful sceneries we have around here, it is obvious that we couldn’t choose another location over this area.
And now that the main location area has been sorted we can continue to focus on finding the right destination for us both, as we live in the borders and know that there are many beautiful areas around us, we are hoping to find somewhere around here. There are ideas floating around but we would need to have more time spent on them to decide on them fully.

Partner has also decided that since we have put ourselves first with the location we can still make the families feel more at each with the distance. We are going to try and find the nearest b&bs/hotels/etc. around the area, so they know they can have a decent rest before travelling all the way back south again.
It is another thing to be added to the “to do” list but it will be worth it knowing that people won’t feel that they need to leave early for driving back and also that they can enjoy their selves while they are here.

Wedding Wednesday: Theme

From the very beginning partner and I knew what type of wedding we would want. As we are not Christian, never been christened or go to church we didn’t feel it was right for us to have the ceremony in a church. Although this may have pleased our families as they are Christian (apart from mother in-law who doesn’t have a religion, just classes herself as spiritual) it wouldn’t have made us happy.So what type of wedding are going for then? Pagan wedding or more so handfasting. As I do fall into the pagan category and my partner is spiritual it definitely seems like the right way to go.

Handfasting is an alternate form of marriage ceremony. It dates back hundreds of years, and spans several cultures. In some cultures (as in the Scottish Highlands), it was a marriage of a “year and a day”. If at the end of the year, the couple found that they were incompatible, and there were no children, they could part. Otherwise, they could agree to remain together, and the marriage then became a legal and lifelong bond.

We will be making it official or legal on the day as in other parts of the UK handfasting is not recognised as a legal binding, although in Scotland it is. (From what we have read so far).

Handfasting is a very personal and open ceremony, religious and spiritual beliefs can be blended into the ceremony if you wish. At the end of the day it is totally up to the both of you how you wish the day to be set out.
For us this seems like the perfect way to celebrate our love for one another, the freedom of choose if we want a deity involved or our loved ones in spirit to bless us.
Everything about handfasting has been screaming at us for the very beginning.

  • Welcoming everyone and introduction
  • Setting intention and or a prayer
  • Elemental Blessing/Honouring the Divine/Spirit blessing
  • Sharing of a ‘meal’ (Cakes, Ale / Bread, Wine / Cake, Wine)
  • Exchange of vows
  • Exchange of rings or other gifts
  • Binding of the hands
  • Jumping the broom

As we go further along in the planning we be changing and adding different bits in the ceremony to make it our own, but that is pretty much the basics of what normally go on in a typical handfasting.

There are also a few books on this subject which I do hope to try and pick up at one point to see what they have to offer and see what inspiration they have to give along with other wedding books (so far there is only one sitting on the shelf (with thanks to partner) – The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way by Kelly Bare).

A journey ahead, A journey together

Some may know and some may not but back in 2012 (23rd July), my partner, Charlie took me to the zoo. It was the first time that I had ever been to a zoo before and I was super excited, all that time Charlie kept asking me what my favourite animal was until we were half way through the day when I finally said “elephant”.
So he made it his mission to make sure that we went to see the elephants, I could see he was looking a bit off so I didn’t really mind if we didn’t get to see the elephants as I didn’t want him to make himself ill. But he made sure that we saw those elephants. His brother (who was with us at the time and drove us to the zoo -thank you-) went off to get us some drinks.

That is when Charlie went down on one knee and proposed to me. My first reply was “are you joking?” and once he reassured me that he wasn’t and he dawned on me was being serious I immediately said yes.

That was 2 years ago and I’m still engaged to him, we finally made a date for the wedding: 15th May 2017. The day we first got together and it will mark our 10th anniversary.
Which means we have 3 years left to plan the wedding we want.
If anyone knows what I am like, then you will know how fussy I can be when it comes to me trying to decide on anything.

This will be the biggest and most important day (or one of) of our lives and I want it to go without any hiccups and so the pressure will be on for me to make sure that my second guessing is for all the right reasons.

And so I hope to share my plans, worries, frustrations and all that are involved when it comes to planning a wedding.

The Return to Weight Loss Journey

I have been sitting in front of this screen for the past half an hour, trying to figure out how to begin this entry.
It is unbelievable how I have forgotten how to approach this blog or my YouTube channel.

I never thought that I would be away from here for this long, I didn’t even plan on stepping away from here. I actually want to get stuck into my diet and lose more weight and post more about trying to get organised and such. But things happened during last year which made me press the pause button while I sorted those issues out. Then came another issue and then another. 

Along with that, I found that my mental state wasn’t in a place which I was comfortable dealing with, it seemed like everything I did or tried to do failed which made things feel worse for me, I was also trying to deal with my health which was starting to get worse in some areas. Something I wasn’t too happy to admit and with that I was making myself feel very low.

Luckily enough I had my family and my fiance to support me and help me pull my head back above the water. There are still issues that need to be dealt with, but I feel like I am in a state which I can cope with these along with concentrating on working on my weight.

With everything that has gone on last year, it is no surprise that my weight was affected. I was comfort eating and I ended up gaining pretty much all my weight back which I lost the previous year.
Am I sad about this? Yes
Am I surprised by this? No, I knew I would gain some weight back and maybe that was, and is, wrong of me to think that. Maybe if I tried to think positive about keeping the weight off then it could have been different. But I don’t know what would have happened as it is now in the past and I need to focus on the now and the future.
I know what needs to be done, I know what to do, I just need to do it.

I am keeping my goals pretty much the same from when I first began – 

  • 4-5 cups a day
  • eat more fruit and veg
  • eat more seafood and meat free meals on weekdays and meat and poultry on weekends
  • 15 minutes of exercise 3 days a week

I am also adding 2 extra small goals to the list – 

  • don’t eat any biscuits for at least 5 days
  • don’t eat any desserts for at least 5 days (unless the dessert is mixed fruit, then that is ok)

I have been trying to get back into the swing of things, I have made several videos for my channel, but I never felt comfortable with them. I started to do my exercises again, and after the first day my lower half seized up and I was pretty much bed/sofa bound for the rest of the week. 
So what I feel that I need to do before I fully do my 15 minutes is to re introduce myself. 5 minutes a day and then 10, then 15. I am hoping that doing it this way will be easier on my lower half, get my legs moving and re train my body and mind in what I need to do. 
I am not sure if it is hurting me more this time round because I have done this before or if it is because of my health. But I want to play it safe and take it slowly.

I always remembered to do my check ins but never remembered to write them down, either on this blog or for my channel, so I have bought myself a new journal and inside I have set out a place for my check ins, a place for my goals and my inspirations on why I want to lose weight, also a place for me to write how I am feeling with my diet – if I am angry/upset or happy I will write it down in there. I am hoping that this will also help me to concentrate on losing weight as I found out that talking about my check ins did help me to focus on what I needed to do.

Basically, I am going to fight back my weight and make sure that I lose it (again) and continue to lose it.

Weight Loss Journey Restart 2013

I did promise that I would be back in the new year and here I am, determined to get more of this weight off. I did start doing my exercises and loosely watching what I was eating in the second week of January, I still haven’t returned fully to having a meat free week yet, mainly because we were trying to get rid of the holiday for that we had left in the freezer but I will be going back to it shortly…

Over the holidays I was good, I didn’t really over indulge which I am very impressed with and proud of that I could control myself. What I am really pleased about is that I lost weight during those couple of weeks and still kept it off!

I even missed doing my exercises each day, even though I could have kept doing them, I just wanted a break from doing that same routine but apparently it was that same routine that I missed…
I am still looking for other games and DVDs to do with exercise and fitness which could help me, although I enjoy exercising to the game I’m currently working out to (My Fitness Coach: Get In Shape), I don’t want to start feeling bored with doing the same thing which is why I think I started to lose my motivation last year. 
I have bought a yoglates DVD and doing that every Monday and Friday, I am though thinking of getting the Zumba Fitness Wii game – just hope it’s not too much for me…

So, what is my plan and goals for this year?


  • to lose 1 or 2 stone again
    I am keeping to the same weight goal from last year as again I don’t want to aim too high and feel like I really need to push myself, this is not what I want with my diet.
  • to drink 5-6 cups
    another goal from last year, though I got to the 5/6 cups on some days it wasn’t regular enough. I want to be able to feel the need to have the drink rather than forcing myself.
  • drop down to a size 22-24
    At the moment I am down to a size 24-26 (I was 26-28). I just want to see if I can get down to another size, if I can’t then it doesn’t matter too much (just means I can get some wear out of the clothes that are still newish).


  • exercise 15 minutes a day
  • eat more fruit (last year it was veg and now I need to work on the fruit part)
  • drink more
  • do more tai chi
    I used to do tai chi everyday and then I stopped for some reason, it helped me to feel more relaxed and stopped me worrying a bit about the rest of the day, so it would be nice to get back into it again.

I have been trying to think of what else I should add to the plan to help me keep motivated but I can’t seem to think of anything to be honest, so the plan is pretty much as last years…

So here we go and good luck to those who are starting their diet/healthy eating/fitness challenge as well 🙂