Weight Loss Journey Restart 2013

I did promise that I would be back in the new year and here I am, determined to get more of this weight off. I did start doing my exercises and loosely watching what I was eating in the second week of January, I still haven’t returned fully to having a meat free week yet, mainly because we were trying to get rid of the holiday for that we had left in the freezer but I will be going back to it shortly…

Over the holidays I was good, I didn’t really over indulge which I am very impressed with and proud of that I could control myself. What I am really pleased about is that I lost weight during those couple of weeks and still kept it off!

I even missed doing my exercises each day, even though I could have kept doing them, I just wanted a break from doing that same routine but apparently it was that same routine that I missed…
I am still looking for other games and DVDs to do with exercise and fitness which could help me, although I enjoy exercising to the game I’m currently working out to (My Fitness Coach: Get In Shape), I don’t want to start feeling bored with doing the same thing which is why I think I started to lose my motivation last year. 
I have bought a yoglates DVD and doing that every Monday and Friday, I am though thinking of getting the Zumba Fitness Wii game – just hope it’s not too much for me…

So, what is my plan and goals for this year?


  • to lose 1 or 2 stone again
    I am keeping to the same weight goal from last year as again I don’t want to aim too high and feel like I really need to push myself, this is not what I want with my diet.
  • to drink 5-6 cups
    another goal from last year, though I got to the 5/6 cups on some days it wasn’t regular enough. I want to be able to feel the need to have the drink rather than forcing myself.
  • drop down to a size 22-24
    At the moment I am down to a size 24-26 (I was 26-28). I just want to see if I can get down to another size, if I can’t then it doesn’t matter too much (just means I can get some wear out of the clothes that are still newish).


  • exercise 15 minutes a day
  • eat more fruit (last year it was veg and now I need to work on the fruit part)
  • drink more
  • do more tai chi
    I used to do tai chi everyday and then I stopped for some reason, it helped me to feel more relaxed and stopped me worrying a bit about the rest of the day, so it would be nice to get back into it again.

I have been trying to think of what else I should add to the plan to help me keep motivated but I can’t seem to think of anything to be honest, so the plan is pretty much as last years…

So here we go and good luck to those who are starting their diet/healthy eating/fitness challenge as well 🙂


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