A journey ahead, A journey together

Some may know and some may not but back in 2012 (23rd July), my partner, Charlie took me to the zoo. It was the first time that I had ever been to a zoo before and I was super excited, all that time Charlie kept asking me what my favourite animal was until we were half way through the day when I finally said “elephant”.
So he made it his mission to make sure that we went to see the elephants, I could see he was looking a bit off so I didn’t really mind if we didn’t get to see the elephants as I didn’t want him to make himself ill. But he made sure that we saw those elephants. His brother (who was with us at the time and drove us to the zoo -thank you-) went off to get us some drinks.

That is when Charlie went down on one knee and proposed to me. My first reply was “are you joking?” and once he reassured me that he wasn’t and he dawned on me was being serious I immediately said yes.

That was 2 years ago and I’m still engaged to him, we finally made a date for the wedding: 15th May 2017. The day we first got together and it will mark our 10th anniversary.
Which means we have 3 years left to plan the wedding we want.
If anyone knows what I am like, then you will know how fussy I can be when it comes to me trying to decide on anything.

This will be the biggest and most important day (or one of) of our lives and I want it to go without any hiccups and so the pressure will be on for me to make sure that my second guessing is for all the right reasons.

And so I hope to share my plans, worries, frustrations and all that are involved when it comes to planning a wedding.


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