Wedding Wednesday: Location

When it comes to wedding planning I am not only planning for our big day but also making sure everyone else is going to be ok on the day. Some have said that I shouldn’t worry as much about everyone else and only focus on us both, but those who know me well will know that it won’t be that simple. I am always wanting to make sure everyone is happy and that I’m not putting them out too much.
So when it comes to choosing a location that is right for us and making sure the distance isn’t too much, I found that it can be pretty tough to come up with a choice that is good for both parties.

Some have also suggested that, since they saw it was getting to me, we have two weddings – one in the south of England and one in the north. But this wouldn’t feel right for partner and I. We want our families there on the same day to see two people become one and also two families becoming one, to witness two of their children standing there, taking a vow and promising they will protect, love and care for each other no matter what the cause.
Not only would it not feel right it would also mean double the planning/budget/ect – if I do become bridezilla I know partner will not want that a second time…

I’ve had many debates about this subject with partner and myself trying to figure out what we should do for the best, knowing that either way some won’t be happy with the choice no matter what we choose.
My mind has finally agreed with partner and friends that its best choosing a location suited for us both and trying to ignore that small part of me that is feeling guilty.

As we live in Scotland and we both love it for the friends that we have made along with the many beautiful sceneries we have around here, it is obvious that we couldn’t choose another location over this area.
And now that the main location area has been sorted we can continue to focus on finding the right destination for us both, as we live in the borders and know that there are many beautiful areas around us, we are hoping to find somewhere around here. There are ideas floating around but we would need to have more time spent on them to decide on them fully.

Partner has also decided that since we have put ourselves first with the location we can still make the families feel more at each with the distance. We are going to try and find the nearest b&bs/hotels/etc. around the area, so they know they can have a decent rest before travelling all the way back south again.
It is another thing to be added to the “to do” list but it will be worth it knowing that people won’t feel that they need to leave early for driving back and also that they can enjoy their selves while they are here.


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