Review: Curio & Crochet

Back in September I heard that one of the people I follow on tumblr, foresthoney, had opened her shop, selling handmade crochet items and hand blended herbal teas. Straight away I noticed a hat she had made, that seemed to be screaming at me but I was in two minds whether I should get it or not as the colour was not in my “safe zone” (black/green/dark purple or green/brown), so I left it for a while.

For the rest of the week I decided to annoy myself by keep checking up on the item seeing if it had sold or not. The owner at this time had announced a discount offer (…until the end of October, I’m going to give 10% off to my tumblr followers using coupon code β€œTumblr10” [x]) which gave me another reason to purchase this item.

With items that I have ordered they tend to take 2-3 weeks to get here especially when they are coming from America, so on Saturday (11th) I was really surprised to see the item was at my door.
The item was wrapped in a thin layer of organza fabric and attached to that was a small bag of lavender which made everything smell absolutely lovely (lavender is also one of my favourite herbs, so she get extra thumbs up for this).

DSCF1002 DSCF1005

DSCF1050The hat itself is lovely and soft and normally I have some problem with certain materials as they cling to my fingernails and make me cringe with the feeling I get, but the yarn that is used for this hat doesn’t irritate me at all. When I’m wearing it, the hat doesn’t feel too thick on my head either and seems to fit nicely as well. As for the colour, I’m really enjoying having something that is bold and not in my usual safe zone, something that stands out but not so much that it is making me self conscious.

The owner listed this item at a lower price due to an error that was made towards the brim, in all honestly I couldn’t even tell where the error was and when I’m wearing it I can’t notice anything either. The owner has made a fantastic job of this item and I am so pleased to own it.

Where to find Curio & Crochet


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