Wedding Wednesday: Save the Date

When it came to inviting our guests for our wedding I never really took that much consideration to how I should go about it.
The invitations and reply cards were the two that I focused on the most, but then I kept reading about save the date cards.

At first I ignored them, thinking they were just going to cost more money or more time for us to spend creating them. I hadn’t heard anyone near me mention them and if they were that important, surely people would have told me about them.
So, with me being me I decided to dig around a little and figure out what save the date cards were all about.
Obviously they are to let your guests know the date when you would be married but why should I bother sending them when I am already sending invitations?

After a few searches I found the answer to my curiosity – giving your guest enough time to plan ahead.
Normally invitations are sent roughly 3-6 months prior to the date, but sometimes that isn’t enough time, either through location and travel or through work.
Save the date cards can be sent in a year in advance to your guests giving them more than enough time to plan ahead.

As we live in Scotland and the in-laws are south of England and most have busy schedules, sending these cards is something I have come to realise is the best thing for us to do.

Save the date cards can be as detailed as you would like (images I found through google for an example), if you are having the wedding abroad or in a different location to where you live, it might be best if you include the location so they can plan on where they will be staying.


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