Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep

ImageMemories define us.
So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep?
Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love – all forgotten overnight.
And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.
Welcome to Christine’s life.

The story is about a woman, Christine, who suffers with amnesia. Her memory can remember things that have happened during the day for the full day until she sleeps, and the next day starts over again.
Christine lives with her husband Ben, who tries to help her remember everyday who she is by leaving small reminders around the house for her.

There is also another man in her life who phones her everyday to help her as well, Dr Nash. He fills in the gaps where her husband hasn’t been able to do so.
Dr Nash insists that she keeps a journal, so she can keep track of what has been happening day to day, to try and help her with her amnesia, which she ends up doing and we see what she has written in the journal.

As the story goes on we find out more about Christine’s life, past and how she feels about the whole situation.
Further on we notice she is starting to remember certain bits of information without her journal from the previous days, her husband starts to act a little strange and starts to question why.

Towards the end of the story, there is a turn around and you start to find out some truths that Christine hasn’t been told off and finds out that her life is in danger.

I feel like I do want to say more with what has been roughly going on in the story but I feel that if I do I may spoil it for some, so I will just leave it at that.
For me I really felt for Christine, towards the end of the book I even started to cry which is something I have never done with the books I have read over the couple of years.

This book is an amazing read and I do encourage people to read it, it is something I didn’t really think I would enjoy and I thoroughly did.

Where you can buy this book

Finding the author


New year, new project

I have seen a few people who have started to blog or vlog about their home and trying to get it to be more organised.
This has inspired me to do the same. I am hoping that by talking about that area and taking before shots, it should motivate me to get that area in some sort of order.

Me and my partner moved into this 1 bedroom house back in April last year after downsizing from a 3 bedroom house. When both of his parents came to see us when we were still living in the 3 bedroom place, they came with a lot of boxes which contained most of my partners things he left down south. We didn’t bother to sort through it at the time as there were so many boxes we didn’t know where to start, so we kept saying “I’ll do it later”, but later never came until we found ourselves moving into the 1 bedroom house.
So now we really do need to sort through the boxes.

When we did move into here, we spent most of the year concentrating on the gardens instead of the indoors. So this year we really need to spend a bit more time indoors rather than outdoors.

As I am typing this I am trying to figure out where to start and where to go next after this entry. As most rooms are filled with boxes I can’t seem to see past them, so hoping to get something sorted with those boxes. I am hoping to start either in the porch or kitchen and then go from there.

Typing this feels very odd, as I have never shown what my house looks like inside so I am starting to feel very protective of it.
But if I want to improve my life in any way this year and stick to the resolutions, I need to make a start somewhere, so what better way than here, right? Right.

New Year’s Resolutions

Hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays and that 2013 is filled with good health and happiness.

For the past couple of days I have been wondering if I was setting any resolutions for the new year. When I have done this in the past I have always failed, so I haven’t bothered to set any for the past few years but this I wanted to try to see if I can achieve any of them.

The resolutions are:

  1. Lose more weight
  2. Be more organised
  3. Do more blog posts (other than the weight loss journey entries)
  4. Read more
  5. Learn a new craft

So these are the ones that I can think of, so here’s hoping that I can stick to more than one.

Have any of you set resolutions? If so, good luck! 🙂

Weight Loss Journey: Final 2012 Check In

It is coming up the end of 2012 so I wanted to end my weight loss journey here (actually I ended it on the 15th, but there was too much going on around me that I couldn’t blog about it), just so I can enjoy the holidays.

When I first started this I was excited, ready and focused about losing the weight but towards the end I started to feel fed up and bored with it. I don’t know what changed but I just felt like giving up and I wasn’t really giving it my all towards the end, so that is something I need to work on and figure out what may have caused this.
Also I am annoyed with myself for the drinking challenge I set myself (to drink at least 5-6 cups a day), even though I did manage to reach the goal a few times, I just feel that I didn’t really achieve the goal because I wasn’t drinking like that all the time, it was every now and then. So that is something else I am going to carry on for the diet in the new year.
For my exercise, even though I changed the goal from 30 minutes to 15 minutes a day, I feel like I did a brilliant at this. Changing it to 15 minutes made it a lot more comfortable for me, and easier for me to achieve and focus on.

Measurements and Weight Final 2012 Results
This will be the total of how much I have lost since June

Chest – 47 ¼” (- 5 ¼”)
Waist – 47 ¼” (- 6 ¾”)
Hips – 56″ (- ½”)
Weight – 17 stone 3lbs (- 1 stone 11lbs)

(June) Front


(December) Front


(June) Sideways

DSCF6239 (2)

(December) Sideways


I am so happy with the results, I know my hips haven’t lost that much, but I have always had trouble with losing anything from that area and so I am pleased to see that I have lost something. That’s all that matters to me, is that I am losing and not gaining weight.
Doing this has helped me feel so much better about myself, made me more confident with my body, I now accept my body for what it is and even look in the mirror without feeling horrible about myself. I am also more confident with what I eat and appreciate food even more.

I am going to carry on with this in the new year and hope that I can lose more weight.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and if you celebrate any other holidays around this time of the year, I hope you have a wonderful time.
Have a wonderful and positive new year. 🙂

Youtube and Facebook

When I started doing my weight loss journey I thought it would be good for me to also do videos about this, in case I forgot to blog about it, which has happened.

I was only posting the videos on my main YouTube channel which is more for my spiritual side and lately decided to create a separate channel, mainly for these videos.

So if you do want to subscribe to me on YouTube then my channel is – HeleneTalks

I have also recently created a facebook page for this blog. HeleneWrites

Weight Loss Journey: Week 25

This weeks measurements and weight

Chest – 47 ¾” (+ ¼”)Waist – 48 ¾” (- 1″)
Hips – 56 ½” (- ½”)
Weight – 17 stone 1lb (- 2lbs)

After my last post me and my partner caught the bug that had been going around our area, you could not keep anything you ate down from both areas, so basically we were both stuck in the bathroom for a few days. I obviously couldn’t do any exercises for fear of upsetting my stomach, there was a plus side to me catching this bug. Fluids. I was drinking so much I must have went over the 6 cup mark which I have wanted to do for a long time, and by me drinking more than usual it did help me to recover at a quicker pace than what I normally am like.

All that time I was finding myself very bored with sitting or lying down and so I made a promise when I got better to go outside for a little bit each day and do some exercise that way. Which I have been doing, taking the dog around the field outside our house, I don’t walk fast anyway, so it has been a nice slow walk which takes up 15 minutes.

I feel very proud of myself for doing this, normally I can only take the dog out probably once every few weeks because of my social phobia, so for me to do a whole week and on my own is incredible and I hope I can continue to do this.

Weight Loss Journey: Week 24 check in

I am sitting here watching some cooking shows on Food Network and it dawns on me that I haven’t posted any update for my weight loss journey… oops…

There is no big excuse on why I haven’t posted on here lately, I just didn’t feel comfortable with writing for a while, that’s it.
As it is close the end of 2012 I wanted to post my last few check ins for this year, to try to make up for the lack of activity on here.

When I last posted (Get Off Your Broom: Fall Fitness Challenge – The Plan, which got cancelled due to the host having some issues), I weighed 17 stone and 7 pounds. Now I weigh 17 stone 3 pounds! So close to losing another stone, I am hoping I can do it but I am not wanting to push myself as the holidays are coming up, so to lose it and then most likely gain some back on would be frustrating for me. But that could give me some extra focus for the new year…

My measurements were:
Chest – 47  ½”
Waist – 48 ¾
Hips – 57 ¼”

and now:
Chest – 47  ½” (no change)
Waist – 49 ¾” (+ 1″)
Hips – 57″ (- ¼”)

Even though my waist has gone up an inch I am really pleased with my current measurements, I havent been keeping check on them either, super pleased with my hip measurements.

Exercise is annoying me at this moment, trying to find a new game or dvd that is suitable for me but that seems to be taking a lot more time that what I wanted, I guess I am wanting to make sure that I buy one I am going to be happy with from my past buying experience.
Drink wise, not that good. Only 4 cups a day… Wanted to be drinking more than that. And for my food habits, they are actually going steady. I am introducing meat & poultry back in to weekly diet due to it getting colder and I find meat/poultry warms me up more than fish does. Only eating meat/poultry once every other day. Another reason why im doing this is in case I come off this diet, I don’t want to feel nervous about what I eat in case its gonna make me gain weight. I want to feel confident that I can eat what I want and yet I can continue to lose weight or stay at a steady weight.

I am going to be putting this diet on pause on 15th December so I can enjoy the holidays, also evaluate and plan for the next year.