Review: Curio & Crochet

Back in September I heard that one of the people I follow on tumblr, foresthoney, had opened her shop, selling handmade crochet items and hand blended herbal teas. Straight away I noticed a hat she had made, that seemed to be screaming at me but I was in two minds whether I should get it or not as the colour was not in my “safe zone” (black/green/dark purple or green/brown), so I left it for a while.

For the rest of the week I decided to annoy myself by keep checking up on the item seeing if it had sold or not. The owner at this time had announced a discount offer (…until the end of October, I’m going to give 10% off to my tumblr followers using coupon code “Tumblr10” [x]) which gave me another reason to purchase this item.

With items that I have ordered they tend to take 2-3 weeks to get here especially when they are coming from America, so on Saturday (11th) I was really surprised to see the item was at my door.
The item was wrapped in a thin layer of organza fabric and attached to that was a small bag of lavender which made everything smell absolutely lovely (lavender is also one of my favourite herbs, so she get extra thumbs up for this).

DSCF1002 DSCF1005

DSCF1050The hat itself is lovely and soft and normally I have some problem with certain materials as they cling to my fingernails and make me cringe with the feeling I get, but the yarn that is used for this hat doesn’t irritate me at all. When I’m wearing it, the hat doesn’t feel too thick on my head either and seems to fit nicely as well. As for the colour, I’m really enjoying having something that is bold and not in my usual safe zone, something that stands out but not so much that it is making me self conscious.

The owner listed this item at a lower price due to an error that was made towards the brim, in all honestly I couldn’t even tell where the error was and when I’m wearing it I can’t notice anything either. The owner has made a fantastic job of this item and I am so pleased to own it.

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Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep

ImageMemories define us.
So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep?
Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love – all forgotten overnight.
And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.
Welcome to Christine’s life.

The story is about a woman, Christine, who suffers with amnesia. Her memory can remember things that have happened during the day for the full day until she sleeps, and the next day starts over again.
Christine lives with her husband Ben, who tries to help her remember everyday who she is by leaving small reminders around the house for her.

There is also another man in her life who phones her everyday to help her as well, Dr Nash. He fills in the gaps where her husband hasn’t been able to do so.
Dr Nash insists that she keeps a journal, so she can keep track of what has been happening day to day, to try and help her with her amnesia, which she ends up doing and we see what she has written in the journal.

As the story goes on we find out more about Christine’s life, past and how she feels about the whole situation.
Further on we notice she is starting to remember certain bits of information without her journal from the previous days, her husband starts to act a little strange and starts to question why.

Towards the end of the story, there is a turn around and you start to find out some truths that Christine hasn’t been told off and finds out that her life is in danger.

I feel like I do want to say more with what has been roughly going on in the story but I feel that if I do I may spoil it for some, so I will just leave it at that.
For me I really felt for Christine, towards the end of the book I even started to cry which is something I have never done with the books I have read over the couple of years.

This book is an amazing read and I do encourage people to read it, it is something I didn’t really think I would enjoy and I thoroughly did.

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Book Review: The Poison Diaries: Nightshade

Sometime last year I got the latest “The Poison Diaries” book, NightShade, which I have recently just finished reading (thought I would have read it sooner but I got caught up with the pile of books that I wanted to read).

The story continues about a year or less on from the first Poison Diaries. After Jessamine has woken and found that Weed has disappeared, her father tells her that Weed left her to die because he couldn’t save her. But Jessamine doesn’t trust what her father says and soon finds out some truths that he kept from her.

As the story continues we see a darker Jessamine, using her skills she learnt from her father to help her survive as she leaves her home in search of Weed. Things do not go that easily for her as Oleander is back beside her.
When the story is not focused on Jessamine it is with Weed, who is also searching for Jessamine once he hears she has left her home. He travels to Italy, hearing about a plot to over throw the King, knowing the perfect way to kill the King unknowingly is poison…

The book would narrate from Jessamine to Weed which was a really interesting way of telling you both of their stories, it also kept to the same style it did have in the first book. Although this book is a lot darker than the first I don’t feel it has gone too overboard, honestly, it is the right amount of darkness understandably knowing what Jessamine has gone through, so you will expect something dramatic to happen to her.

This book is just as good as the first, leaving you (once again) at the end with a little cliff hanger…

Where to buy:
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Book Review: The Poison Diaries

Most of the books that I have read have been mainly spiritual books. I decided that I was going to try to read a few fiction books to see what they were like and try to find another interest instead of my spirituality.
The first book that I read which made me fall in love with fiction books was The Poison Diaries.

The story is about a young girl called Jessamine Luxton living with her father, telling us all about her days looking after her father’s garden while he is away trying to help ill people get better by using herbs.
They end up being host to a young boy, who has also an interest in herbs and plants, and things starts to get more dangerous for Jessamine as she is drawn to the poisonous plants, but not the way she could have imagined.

I was really excited to read this book as it was based around Alnwick Gardens, which was in the area that I went to school and always loved that area. Plus the main theme of the book was about plants and herbs, which is another interest of mine.
After I had read the first chapter I just fell in love with it and the style of how it was written, somewhat like a diary form.

When I was reading the book it reminded me a lot about myself due to the whole gardening, so I felt closer with the main character and as if I was going through that myself.
As the book got closer to the end it got even more interesting, I liked what they had done with the plants and I had not read anything like that in any other book so I thought that was very intriguing.
As the book ended I felt very disappointed, I believe I screamed when I read the last page as I didn’t want it to just end there, but I am pleased to know there is a second book out (The Poison Diaries – Nightshade), which I can not wait to get a hold of.

Review: Jennifer Aniston Perfume

A few years ago I had bought myself the Jennifer Aniston Perfume, and oh my it looks beautiful. The bottle design is simple yet it has that little twist to it, so it doesn’t seem that bland, which I love.
The smell is gorgeous, I feel confident when wearing this perfume as I don’t feel it is overpowering yet you can clearly smell it.

I have never ever bought any perfume online without smelling it first in the shop, it was a risk, it could have been a waste of money, but thankfully it wasn’t and I just love it.

As I am not that good at detecting what smells are in there I am basically gonna copy and paste what it says on the website.

  • Top notes: citrus grove accord and rose water
  • Middle notes: blooming jasmine, wild violets and Amazon lily
  • Base notes: sensual musk, golden amber and sandalwood

I got some of my family members to smell this perfume to see what they could smell (like I said I am no good at detecting what smells are in there), and they all pretty much noticed the musk in the perfume.

What I like about this perfume is how the scent changes for everyone, I have seen many reviews of this product and they have all detected a stronger scent from what the last reviewer did.
So in my view this perfume is suitable for all types of people.

There are three sizes, 85ml, 50ml and 30ml.

Review: ELF Organiser bag

The ELF Organiser bag is beautiful, the perfect size for travelling with, it’s not gonna take up too much space in your case/bag, and can carry a load of make up products and brushes.
It is basically two bags in one, being held together by magnets, don’t worry about it falling apart or that the magnets are not gonna be strong enough to hold it all together if there is too much in, because it can.

The “outer” bag has 4 slots for brushes or something similar to those sizes, on the other side there is a zipped pouch, which has a mesh material so you can easily see what you have in there.

The “inner” bag is pretty much where you keep all the products in. The inside of the bag has a nice feel to it.

Like I said before, the bag is pretty strong to hold a load of make up and it wont damage it in any way.

There are 4 colours you can choose from they are: Silver, Black, Bronze and Burgundy. They are not overly bright, but not dull colours either. I think there is a colour for every one’s taste.
The bag is not complicated which I like, (I have seen many make up bags with too many pouches and zips which can be confusing and frustrating if you are in a rush), it is very simple.

Over all this bag is brilliant the price, easy to clean, strong and it looks good. I defiantly recommend this.